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All-In-One Voip IVR Call Center Solution
With our powerful All-IN-One Call Center and IVR solution you build better relationships with your customers and the public. It enables your company and organization to improve customer and public satisfaction by handling large call queues integrated with auto attendants (IVR).
Our system handles more than 800 calls in queue, cloud based and can answer as many inbound calls as you need. The Call center agents can be located in an office, or even from the
convenience of their home (remote solution).
Our All-In-One call center solution is so powerful and it's in service
in our organization. To set up your VoIP call center with our system, we guide you and give the necessary assistance.
What are the features of the ProdevTech VoIP call center?
There are many features to help agents serve callers, supervisors manage their
teams, institutions and government organizations take good care of the public, and business leaders to focus on customer experience.
The basic features include:
• Call Monitoring
• Call Disposition
• Agent Availability
• Built-in Reporting
• Supervisor Dashboards
• Live Call Status
• Intuitive software-based CTI
• Queue Whisper Announcements
• IVR call attendants
Corporate, Organization, Merchant Credit Card and Digital Payment Solution
Fintech software development:
We provide custom financial software development solutions from scratch as well as enhance deployed solutions or their components and related services to financial and fintech organizations, including banks, credit unions, corporates, merchants and all types of enterprises that look to establish effective, digitally-enabled financial processes.

Fintech software security and compliance:
We ensure the stable operation and protection of financial systems along with the data they process.

ProdevTech payment options
We implement POS and mobile apps to support multiple payment types, such as credit, debit, prepaid and contactless cards, web and mobile payments, loyalty cards, and ecommerce payments.
Online Home Banking, Safe & Secure, Non-Stop Service, Mobile IN-STORE Payments, Load Funds, Corporate Cards, Gift Cards, Mobile Meal Voucher, E-wallet, Merchant account, Dual Sharing cards, Instant payments, etc
Appointment Booking Software Solution
Features and How it works:
Our application is based on Booked Scheduler Framework. A powerful appointment scheduling framework. Rated as the N.1.
With new integrated plugins developed by our Team and the basic booked framework API we created the Prodev Technology Appointment Scheduler. An Application completely personalizable to the customer's need.

Main Features of the Appointment core

• Multiple languages. • Easy to extend with many pluggable components. • Unlimited number of schedules, resources, users and reservations. • Easy to use administrative tools make it easy to quickly find, manage and export data.
• Powerful reporting system. • Recurring reservations with start and end reminders.
• Mobile first, fully responsive user interface. • Mounted tablet display for real-time availability and sign-up.
• Limit usage to users and control on determined fields, such Ids, reference codes, etc. • Possibility to close certain dates, hours, etc. • Organize users and limit access by groups. • System Admin and Admin Agents with full or limited permission assignment. • Optionally review and approve reservation requests.
• Facebook and Google authentication access. • Wait list signup if a resource is unavailable. • Available dates verification.
• Payment integration. • Outbound Mailing and Sms notifications. • And many more

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All-In-One management automation Solution.
Project organizers and administrators need specific instruments to manage and deliver their projects on time. Our project management software helps to perform functions including managing project target, cost, resources, reduces wasted time, manages time schedules and timetables, file sharing, real time communication, ensures compact team work, reduces file redundancies, tracks time, tracks expenses, invoices, and many more. Having one system allows teams to work creatively within a given framework.

Moreover, with our cloud-based All-In-One Management Automation Solution software, organizations no longer have to work in a single physical location. They can easily work as a team while dispersed across geographies, while retaining the same access, updates, and collaboration levels. Software as a service (SaaS) project management solutions facilitate teamwork -- and thus project delivery and client satisfaction.

Prodev technology All-In-One management automation Solution. A web-based personalizable management platform that includes in the same framework:
- Production management
- Project management
- Procurement management
- Purchase order management
- Operations management
- Inventory and cost Management
- Invoice management
- llogistics and supply chain management
- Sales order management
- Warehouse management
- Sales management and CRM
- Account management

PDV-GEST is easy to learn and use, smooth, multi-window interface, fast and friendly, datagridview control for data display, more than 100 reports and statistics, detailed documentation, Web based, data security and backup system, robust, and many more.
LMS - Learning Management System. TMS - Training Management System.
Custom Development services.
The recent situation has changed the way we teach.
The situation and the challenges created around the globe have pushed many schools to find alternative solutions.

Virtual and Distance Learning solution:
Enable students to learn anywhere, anytime and provide ultimate learning flexibility within the school or distance learning.

with our multi-year eLearning consulting competence, we perform a detailed analysis to identify all possible needs in your learning process, and this enables our experts find the adequate long-term eLearning strategy.

Custom LMS development services:
We design and deliver a tailored LMS solution for your school or training institute.

With high-profile eLearning experts on board, we’re here to assist you at any stage of the LMS software development life cycle.

We use the most updated eLearning development system integrated with third-party software for improvement and quality assurance.

We help you use the power of eLearning solutions to implement your system of education. Connect and Share valuable knowledge across your distant branches and reach out to students and employees living in remote areas. Optimize your LMS for mobile, tablet, and smartwatch so that learners could easily access online materials and check course updates anytime, anywhere.

Our custom LMS system has the following basic features: Interactive audio video, Interactive learning structure, live virtual classroom with the interactive whiteboard, Video conferencing supporting large numbers of simultaneous users, CDN setups for smooth viewing experiences, Rich on-demand libraries with multimedia content, Powerful RTC tools to enable the personal messaging and group chats, and many more.
We develop your website and keep the contents always updated. Improve your customer experiences with a Dynamic Website.
Improve your customer experiences with a Dynamic Website.
If you’re looking forward to giving a unique website experience to your visitors, invest in a dynamic website design.

ProdevTech Solution provides the best dynamic website design for all your needs.
A dynamic website means continuous updating of the contents as and when required. Unlike static websites, they display different content on different pages so that a visitor never gets bored and is constantly engaged.

With the changing technology, trends and customer preference, it is important for website owners to keep their sites updated as well. With a dynamic website, all that is easily possible. We develop all types of website for your business, from simple to the most complex, comprising the most engaging Interactive websites:

1. Homepages
The homepage is your site’s main hub and serves as the face of a brand.
Your homepage helps site visitors get to different areas of the site, and it can also serve as a conversion funnel. Because most people come to you through your homepage, this is where design matters most.

2. Magazine websites
A magazine website features articles, photos and videos that are informational and educational. The magazine website type works well for informational websites, particularly publications from universities and organizations.

3. E-commerce websites
An e-commerce website is an online shopping destination where users can purchase products or services from your company.

We develop your website and
keep the contents always updated. Improve your customer experiences with a Dynamic Website.

4. Blogs
A blog features regularly updated articles, photos and videos. Now it’s extremely common for major brands and businesses to have their own blog. Adding expert content improves the overall credibility of a company or an individual. Blogs also provide material for social media posts and email campaigns.

5. Landing pages
A landing page is a specific page type created for a marketing campaign that drives visitors to take a specific action.

6. Social media websites
You can design platforms and create contents that drive social media shares and let you have control over your audience.

7. Directory and contact pages
A directory or contact page is a place where users can connect with you or others.
This type of website works well when you want to list a repository of businesses or people within an organization. For example, a local restaurant directory features eateries in the area with menus, price ranges, phone number and reviews.

8. Web Portal
Web portals are often websites designed for a business, organization, or institution. They often involve a login, data security, user account dashboard, and personalized views for different users. Web portals generally involve more complicated programming and design than most websites, so require skilled and experienced web programmers.

9. TV or video streaming
This type of website has revolutionised the way the world watches television. Examples are Netflix, NowTV, BBC iPlayer, and many more.

10. Educational
Educational websites are also quite self-explanatory. These websites are designed to display information on certain topics, either using interactive games or engaging designs to keep the user hooked.

11. Interactive websites
An interactive web design integrates software into the web page to engage visitors with a more relevant experience. The interactive website means a website which can Interact with its users.
Custom Plug-in and Extensions integration
We develop custom Plug-in and extensions that add new functions to your already existing host application without altering the integrity of the host program environment. Our plug-ins and extensions enable you to update your host application with the new technology features.

First, you need to decide what kind of actions you would like to perform with the extension, what kind of checkpoints you would like to create, which additional scripting objects and operations you need, and so on. We Determine the steps involved in performing the desired task and think of how they can be scripted.
We develop extensions adaptable to applications developed in most popular languages, python, java, java script, php, delphi, c++, html, pascal, etc.
Some of our extensions can be integrated as plug-in or scripts in most IDE software, WEB building software, etc.

1. WYSIWYG WEB BUILDER Phpdatagrid extension:
This extension gives web application developers within WYSIWYG WEB BUILDER the possibility to integrate advanced datagrid features. The extension is based on the GRID 4 PHP Framework.
It allows using all features of Data Grid inside WYSIWYG WEB BUILDER. Our extension comes with a full detailed step by step implementation and integration documentation.
GRID 4 PHP Framework is a RAD tool and by some quick configuration it enables CRUD (Add, Edit, Del), Searching (Auto-filter + Advanced), Sorting, Paging, Grouping, Import & Export, Master-Detail & Nested Subgrids, Multiple Databases connectivity and many other features.
MySql, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, PgSql, ODBC Driver and all major databases supported.
Complete PHP Grid solution with Import & Export features, powered by PHP+JQGrid library.

2. WYSIWYG WEB BUILDER Booked Scheduler extension:
This extension gives web application developers within WYSIWYG WEB BUILDER the possibility to integrate advanced appointment scheduling features based on Booked Scheduler framework.
Booked scheduler means no more meeting overbooking, no more appointment schedule conflicts, no more empty appointment date,
no more empty conference chairs, etc.
It gives your users all needed for a reservation of any type.
With our extension you bring the power of Booked scheduler in your favourite development environment WYSIWYG WEB BUILDER, add more features and more enhancements.
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